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Ice-9 invites you on a journey to the future. Don’t panic, it is just 50 years from now.


On Saturday, 28th of April, during Vårscenefest, we invite you to March to the Future with Ice-9 to celebrate the launch of hello X Podcast and Website. The event will start at 16:30 at Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, (the Present), where we invite you to reflect on the concept of time, have a coffee and a waffle, put on a futuristic hat and get ready to face the future. Specially for this event, Valentin Manz has designed various hats and a 5m wooden boat, which symbolises unity and fellowship. At 17:30 the ceremonial March to the Future will begin. We will walk along the waterfront carrying the boat above our heads while 29 fantastic women from the TromsøTamburene will keep the tempo of the march. At 18:00 we will enter Polaria, where the celebration will continue with homemade food, drinks and Talkaoke.

 The people speak
Photo credits: The People Speak

Talkaoke is a pop up talk show that has been gaining popularity in festivals, clubs, galleries, theatres, conferences and on the street. For the first time Talkaoke is coming all the way from London to Tromsø. Talkaoke = talk + karaoke! Participants sit around a table and are passed the microphone whenever they want to talk, coming and going as they please. In Tromsø, the host and founder of People Speak, Mikey Weinkove and his team are going to discuss food, the future of life in the North and whatever else that comes up. Join the debate!

March to the Future