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Kim Senger is a structural geologist studying CO2 capture in Svalbard.


In 2016, Ice-9, in collaboration with Insomnia Music Festival and Polaria, presented X2066, a digital art exhibition and story-hacking laboratory about climate change and the Arctic in Polaria. For one week visitors could engage with video installations, a physical sculpture with holograms on mobile devices, a virtual reality experience and a board game..

Among the experiences was also the Xquisite mobile app, in which people could listen to a part of X’s story and record a new chapter in X’s life (to be continued by the next player). Story game by Jegor Souchko and Christine Cynn. App design by Catalogtree, UK. The video you see on this page is from Kim Senger recorded through the Xquisite mobile app.

Message to X from Kim Senger
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